My Journey To Discovering A Healthier Sweetener Alternative

Yesterday I took a little break in my backyard to enjoy a few moments of this lovely summer and to refresh, recharge and soak up the many positive vibrations that are blessing my life.

Sipping on a yummy lemonade (sweetened with LIVA date sugar!) I reflected on the journey I’ve been on while bringing my dream of a healthier sweetener alternative to reality.

My vision for LIVA was always simple. I created it out of a personal desire to reconnect with the sweet moments in my life with family and friends.

While reflecting, I thought about all of the people who have encouraged me and helped along the way.

Sisters' Day

Knowing that August 4 was Sisters’ Day I thought of my sister Tasneem. Throughout my life, I’ve sought her advice on all kinds of sisterly things.

And when I was dealing with some health issues that drove my desire to achieve better health through food choices it was Tas who shone a bright light on the idea that eventually became LIVA!

That bright light took the form of chocolate brownies.

We had been out shopping together when I found a bag of date sugar.

It wasn’t something I was too familiar with but from childhood, we’d always enjoyed dates as a regular part of our diet. Thinking that perhaps date sugar might provide a way back to healthy sweet treats - I bought a bag and asked Tas to create something delicious for me.

LIVA's Recipe Creator

My sister accepted the challenge.

With her background in food science, Tas created a brand new recipe for LIVA. You can find this month's new recipe for our Get-Your-Tang-On Lemon Tartlets right here.

And that’s when I had my epiphany!


Yes, dates.

For years I had enjoyed dates every day. Sweet snacks. Savoury dishes. At the time I had no idea that what I thought was nature’s candy actually delivered amazing nutrition and could be finely ground into a healthy sugar.

I began to develop LIVA date sugar - a raw organic non-GMO natural alternative to refined sugar and other artificial sweeteners.

LIVA date sugar has fibre, selenium, copper, potassium, magnesium; and even moderate levels of manganese, iron, phosphorus, calcium.

It’s sweet with fewer calories - only 11 per teaspoon.  It scores low on the scale of the glycemic measures. And, you can make out-of-this-world brownies (and lots of other stuff) with it. 

Sugar doesn’t have to be a bad word.

Happy Sisters’ Day for yesterday Tas.

You’re a big part of the love story surrounding LIVA and I’ll always be grateful.

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