Our Story


When Lubaina Rakla was pregnant with her third child, she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and could no longer enjoy food and drinks containing refined sugar like she once did. A lover of sweets, her health issues inspired her to do extensive research into the sugar alternatives currently on the market. “It started with the journey of being sick but resulted in something so wonderful,” Rakla says. “As a result of my health issues, I was on a very strict diet, and I struggled with eating even the alternative sugars already available. After trying honey and coconut sugar, I realized dates could be a better option for me and even had added benefits!”


Growing up, dates were a staple in Rakla's family recipes, used to sweeten deserts and drinks, naturally. Rakla's sister is a professional baker, and she helped her develop recipes that used date sugar, which tasted delicious and didn't negatively impact Rakla's health. In fact, she realized the high fibre content as well as the lower calorie and carbohydrate content of date sugar were a great addition to her diet; a pure, organic, and all-natural alternative.


Rakla's focus on quality, nutrition, and great taste also translated into LIVA's business ethos; the dates used in LIVA date sugar are ethically sourced and grown in Tunisia and Algeria, and packaged in Canada.

"The beauty of LIVA date sugar is that there are no additives, it's just dehydrated whole raw dates," Rakla says. "I like to call it a 'whole food sugar.' So when you bake or cooke with it, you aren't eating any unhealthy byproducts and as a bonus you're getting the added nutrition of dates."


LIVA date sugar comes in individual dissolvable packets for your morning coffee or tea, as well as in larger canisters so you can add it to recipes, at a 1:1 substitution ratio. From brownies to cakes to cookies, LIVA is a versatile, high quality option that works well in a variety of foods.

As the founder of a Canadian, family-owned business, Lubiana plans to develop other products that use date sugar for consumers, with the goal of making it as accessible and versatile as possible.

"I'm so excited and proud of LIVA and my main goal is to continue to share it with others," Rakla says. "It's a great way to maintain a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying the sweeter things in life.


LIVA’s mission is to ensure people can live a healthy life while enjoying the sweets in life with nutritional benefits.
We believe that everyone has a purpose in life, and we are all here to raise the earth's vibration, so we can all live blissfully!

LIVA has chosen to do it with the magic of our date sugar and syrup! You can use our nutrient dense products for your everyday cooking and baking needs,
all while feeling good physically and mentally. Give back to the world by changing human's perception of sugar!