Organic Date Sugar, Date Syrup, and Date Powder

Single ingredient. 100% pure organic dates.

LIVA 100% Pure Organic Date Syrup 400G
LIVA 100% Pure Organic Date Powder 275G
LIVA 100% Pure Organic Date Sugar 400G Canister
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LIVA 100% Pure Organic Date Sugar 1kg
LIVA 100% Pure Organic Date Syrup 400G x 2 and 100% Pure Organic Date Powder 275g x 2 Bundle

Natural Date Fruit Sweetener: Best Sugar Substitute

Indulge in the natural sweetness of LIVA Organic Date Sugar, Date Syrup, and Date Powder, which are carefully made from the freshest dates. Enjoy the exquisite taste while knowing that you are choosing a nutritious alternative to traditional sugar. Use these wholesome products to enhance your culinary creations and prioritize your well-being with every indulgent moment.



Did you know that date fruit are a source of fibre, potassium, antioxidants, magnesium, and iron? Not only that, they're low on the glycemic index!


Our products are all made from 100% pure organic dates - nothing else. No fillers. No unwanted extras.


Our dates are dried using the world's only solar drying facility, helping to lower our carbon footprint and naturally dry the date fruit used in our products. We've also partnered with Greenspark, pledging to plant one tree for every purchase made from our website!



I was impressed with this product. I am familiar with sweetening recipes with date paste, etc. but had never tried date sugar. This is far more convenient than trying to make date sugar myself. The taste is wonderful and not overpowering. It's excellent in pancake batter.


Love Liva Date Sugar! I swear by it and use it in all of my baking as a sugar alternative. As someone who stays away from processed sugars, this product is so valuable and I have never seen anything else like it on the market. Thank-you Live for making such wholesome products for us health conscious people!


OMG!!! A natural sweetener I am NOT allergic to!!! I have severe reactions to stevia and aspartame. This is great! I am hypoglycemic so I need to watch my sugar intake. This will be my new go to sugar replacement! Tastes good if you like dates "which I do".

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