Which LIVA product should I use?

LIVA began with one product— the canister. That is because we wanted to give you a healthy alternative to white sugar that you could leave out on your counter for any situation. The packaging is aesthetically pleasing and it’s easy to pop open and spoon a bit into your morning smoothie or oatmeal.

Since our original canister, we have developed more ways to love LIVA at home!

 In drinks, in all our baked goods and even in savory recipes. So to make it easier for you, we developed perfect formulations of our products to meet your exact needs. 

If you are wondering which LIVA is right for you, we are breaking it down: 

1. LIVA Canister

This is your counter staple! The perfect size to have near your stove for adding a spoon full to your sauce, salad dressing, oatmeal, and smoothies!


2. LIVA Sachets

Your hot drink’s best friend! The LIVA sachets are our finest grind so it dissolves best in hot liquids! Tea, coffee, lattes, you name it! The feedback was our canister left a bit of residue at the bottom, so we made the grind even finer for our sachets. The date sugar dissolves best!


3. LIVA 1 KG

Formulated for those who love to bake! We know recipe testing, especially around the holidays, can require a lot of ingredients, and of course date sugar! To maximize your value we created the 1 KG bag so you are getting more LIVA and at a lower cost.


Whether you are baking, mixing it in drinks or keeping it out for on the fly recipes, there is a LIVA made just for you!

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