Why To Get Your Kids Started With Date Sugar


Our kids come home from school and the very first words we hear are, “I’m hungry! What can I have to eat?”

If we’re lucky, we’ll tell them to help themselves to a nice, crispy apple, or banana, or rice crackers with hummus, and they might actually be excited about it. 

That will work a lot of the time, but you just know that kids eventually are going to want something sweet and yummy.


Healthy Eating For Kids

We want our kids to form a healthy relationship with eating, which means not depriving them of foods but rather teaching them healthy alternatives and moderation. We really need to make sure we’re giving them something that has some useful ingredients and we aren’t loading them up with a sugar rush that brings them back 30 minutes later.

Store-bought snacks are often packed with hidden sugars. Using LIVA date sugar in your homemade treats is unique because it is made from dehydrated whole Deglet Noor dates, and nothing more. It contains 1 gram of fibre per teaspoon, so your little ones are getting an added source of minerals and vitamins. 

This means you can feel confident knowing the sugar you are feeding your little ones doesn’t come attached with many of the negative stereotypes surrounding refined sugars and sweetener alternatives. It’s just a beautiful, big date, finely ground so you can enjoy the natural sweetness of dates in anything you cook!


Recipe Time

Here’s a really quick and easy After-School Snack Dip you can whip-up using date sugar. You’re still giving your kids a lovely, sweet treat but now with some added nutritional value. 

The best part about this recipe is your kids can make it themselves.  Did you know getting them involved in the kitchen can help empower them to develop good life-long eating habits?


LIVA's Do-Dip Date Dip
1. Soften 8 ounces of cream cheese (can sub with plant-based cream cheese or ricotta)
2. Add  3/4 to 1 cup of LIVA date sugar along with 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and a pinch of kosher salt
3. Stir to mix everything thoroughly then serve with apple or pear slices, melon or any other fruit you have on hand including dates!


Our motivation here at LIVA  is to help people activate and realize the sweetness of living a good, healthy life. We’re not promoting a life-changing revolution. We are providing a more healthy alternative to traditional sweeteners by bringing organic, whole food into the lives of people who embrace a desire to celebrate living in goodness and health.

If you have questions or recipe suggestions we’d love to hear from you at  info@livafoods.com.

Happy eating!


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