Why you should switch to a whole food sugar

Why should I switch to a whole food sugar? This was a question I asked myself many years ago, and the answer was a clear resounding -YES. I saw that switching to a whole fruit sugar would not only alleviate my health issues, but also help me heal my gut and my relationship with food. I tried many sugar alternatives on the market, but date sugar truly stood apart from all the others. Unlike the mainstream sugar alternatives, date sugar is made from a real food. Dates have been touted as a superfood for generations, a part of many cultures, and baking with dates was becoming exceedingly popular. But working with real dates was a bit of a tedious process. The pitting, the warming, the blending, the mixing etc. Also, the texture was a challenge because dates naturally contain so much moisture. Finding an alternative like date sugar, which is made from dehydrated dates, made baking with dates so much simpler. It worked like real sugar with half the challenge and no sugar crash!


The simplest way to understand why whole fruit sugar is better for you than regular granulated white sugar or brown sugar is to look at where it came from and how it impacts our bodies once ingested. Myself, like many others, loves a sweet treat after a meal, or with my afternoon tea, but consuming foods with sugar, or even artificial sweeteners, never satiated my sweet craving, and often left me feeling worse. However, when I first tried a sugar made with dates, the satiation and sugar balance was the first thing I felt. There was no urge for more, the sweet craving had been eliminated, and I actually felt more energized. When you use a sugar made with dates, you are also receiving the superfood benefits of the entire date. Dates contain fiber, antioxidants, minerals and micronutrients. When you cook or bake with Liva Date Powder, you reap the benefits of all of those as well.


Particularly for blood sugar control, the presence of fiber with the naturally occurring sugar in dates, makes it a low glycemic food, and can help regulate blood glucose spikes. Fiber also aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system, and creating lasting satiation between meals.


Making dessert with dates was my first switch, but over time I was using it in everything, even dressings and sauces. We add sweetness to so many things in our day to day lives, and using a whole fruit sugar, like Liva Date Powder can help you make the switch even easier. There is truly no downside to making a change, other than the challenge of finding someone to take all the other sugars far, far away!

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