Lubaina's Breakfast Bowl

I'm going to be honest... I was struggling with memory and cognitive function. Maybe it's the age thing, or maybe it was just that I have too many brain "tabs" open at a time! 

Since I am a firm believer that we can heal the body with whole foods I made it my mission to discover brain and memory boosting foods. 

And I have been living off this breakfast bowl for months! It is the ultimate brain booster, and I sure have noticed a difference in my ability to remember things! 

But, why is it a brain booster? 

I put together the top foods to improve memory, concentration, and overall brain health. For example, coconut contains ketones which are used by the brain cells for fuel, raw walnuts have a high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids which protects brain health, berries, which are antioxidants, and of course, date sugar, your lower-calorie sweetener.

Imagine starting your day off with all these brain-boosting foods? Here's how you can make the bowl:


2 tbsp Coconut cream (or the thick part of the coconut milk)

2 tsp LIVA date sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract


2 tbsp raw walnuts

1 banana

handful of berries


1. Mix coconut cream with LIVA date sugar and vanilla

2. Add to bowl with fruit and top with walnuts


 Watch the video! 

Lubaina's Breakfast Bowl from LIVA Foods on Vimeo.


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