Sensational Snickers Makeover: Date-Sweetened Bliss!

Nourish and Satisfy: Replenishing Energy with Nutrient-Dense Delights.

Harnessing the fiber-rich goodness of LIVA Foods date syrup and sugar, these bars were crafted with a harmonious blend of protein-rich peanuts, almonds, and healthy fats. This recipe presents a delectable treat that not only satiates hunger but also caters to the needs of nursing mothers, athletes, glycemic-conscious individuals, and hormone-balancing seekers. Indulge in this divine creation, a mindful solution for post-exercise refueling and mindful snacking.

This version of the Snickers bars features a nougat layer made with a blend of peanut butter, date syrup, date sugar, and almond flour, a luscious caramel layer using soaked dates and peanut butter, and a rich dark chocolate coating.


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