7 Tips To Get Started With A Healthy Sugar Alternative

Do you ever feel a little guilty when you eat something that has processed sugar in it?

Maintaining clear skin or watching your weight can be a challenge for us all, and more often than not foods with refined sugars leave our skin and bodies thirsty for something a little healthier. 

For many people pursuing a healthier lifestyle refined sugar has become taboo.

More and more evidence suggests that even normal consumption of refined sugar contributes to all kinds of health issues from diabetes to obesity to gut issues.

LIVA date sugar is a plant-based sweetener made only from dehydrated ground dates that can be used as a 1-1 replacement (more on this later) for white or brown sugar in baking and beverages.

One teaspoon of LIVA contains 11 calories compared to 17 for coconut sugar, 16 for refined sugar or 15 for maple syrup and it has a low glycemic load of 1.3. Because LIVA is nothing more than dehydrated ground dates it is a natural source of dietary fibre and fibre helps prevent LDL cholesterol absorption in the gut.

Unlike most other sweeteners LIVA delivers high levels of selenium, copper, potassium, magnesium and moderate levels of manganese, iron, phosphorous and calcium. Not only is LIVA USDA certified organic it is also gluten free, vegan, plant based and non-GMO verified.

LIVA is a fine powder that reminds me of the colour of a beautiful beach. It’s a little less sweet than other sweeteners so it delivers a sweet presence that won’t overpower your baking or beverages. In fact, it adds a subtle note of caramel and who doesn’t love that?

Now, let’s look at how you can begin enjoying all the goodness of LIVA.


1. 1-1 replacement

LIVA can be used as a 1-1 replacement for most sugars. Because it is a little less sweet you might want to adjust your usage to achieve the exact taste profile you want.

2. Let your beverage rest for about 20 seconds

When you first use LIVA in your beverages you will notice that because it is a 100% natural product it takes a little longer to dissolve so you might discover some particles at the bottom of your cup. We recommend that you stir in the LIVA and let your beverage rest for about 20 seconds. The particles will settle on the bottom but remember - that’s the naturally occurring fibre so most of us like to finish up the entire cup!

3. Mix LIVA with wet ingredients first

Because of the healthy fibre we find that it usually works best when baking to add the LIVA sugar to your wet ingredients. That will help it dissolve a little better. If you find the batter a little stiff all you need to do then is add a little bit more liquid to achieve the consistency you’re looking for.

4. Use it in your next salad dressing

It’s also great for savoury applications. We’ve made some great salad dressings with LIVA. Check out this one to liven up your favourite batch of greens.

5. Sprinkle it on your morning cereal

At breakfast we love to sprinkle a bit of LIVA on our morning cereals or yogurt and adding it to our smoothies. It’s completely versatile and you can feel good that with LIVA sugar doesn’t need to be a bad word! Even better why not try out our brand new Chocado Smoothie to get your day off to a brilliant start?

6. Add LIVA to your favourite dessert

Desserts are amazing with LIVA and we’ve got several recipes on our site but the one we’re really enjoying right now is our easy to make Get-Your-Tang-On Lemon Tartlets. Why not whip up a batch to bring a little more zing to your life?

7. Get Free Access to all our latest recipes here

Our recipe makers at LIVA have created some really simple recipes to get you started and a few that are a little more involved for the more adventurous culinary artist. When you try one of our recipes why not take a quick shot and share it with us on Instagram by tagging @livafoods. We always love seeing your sweet creations.


Watch out for my special Free 30 day calendar with daily tips on getting started with LIVA date sugar - coming soon.

I love hearing from you and sharing ideas to make a life a little sweeter. Why not share a few of your thoughts in the comments below on making the switch to a healthier sugar substitute?


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